Iconica is Bloomberg in ICO!
The world's first decentralized ecosystem for the development of ICO projects with the most complete and most reliable information in the world.
all available data and artificial intelligence analysis
open Wiki, formed and supported
by the community
3.08.18 – 20.10.18
Private Sale
Bonuses & special terms for early participants in token sale of Iconica project
Minimum 8x token growth
the constantly increasing ICO market directly affects the growth of the ecosystem economy
Constant need for a token
the token is the fuel of the system and a single means of payment within the platform
Make more money
on the market
make the right investment decision with the appearance of right information about ICO
Iconica will become the leading information provider for professional ICO market participants
The main product is the most complete rating of ICO projects existing in the world with all possible modern and historical data about them and the powerful system for selecting and promoting the projects all over the world.

Investors will get the widest access to the information and the provided data will be analyzed easily.

The key tasks of the first stage of the platform development are: the collecting of data, structuring and analytics throughout the work of the community and automatic algorithms. The integration of artificial intelligence will strengthen the possibilities of platform in analysis of data collected and will generate more accurate rating of projects.

The ecosystem of the Iconica project is built on the interaction of all members of the platform: projects, investors and experts.

Projects receive the largest platform on the planet for development and the fastest response of the community - they are ready to pay for all these advantages of the platform. Investors get the most complete information for making the right decision when investing in an one or the other ICO project. Experts who work on the platform and analyze projects can monetize their knowledge and form the most objective rates.

ICO projects launched monthly
mln. USD project promotion year expenses
billion USD collected by ICO projects during 1-st quarter of 2018
Token Sale Stages
Bonus sale
30 - 50%
Since September 20
from 10:00:00 UTC+0
November 08
November 29
December 19
January 03
Platform as an accelerator for excellent projects
Do you have a quality project that people really need? The project community will immediately notice and highlight a really great idea! No need to spend huge amounts of money — people's approval is directly converted into good fundraisings for the project and a large number of comments and advice. Our project is a great tool to ensure that the best projects become as successful as possible.
All features in a couple of clicks
Get the opportunity to reach out to many people who will appreciate your project and support it — instant community response through free commenting and open project architecture.
Nica token — is a fuel for the platform

The token is the heart of the decentralized network — it is a transparent, flexible, simple mechanism for all platform participants. This criptocoin for payments, which is used by:

  • Projects to pay for community work on their project, to place additional advertising and to use additional services
  • Community members who receive it for their work and can also use it for payments within the platform
  • Investors to invest and use additional services of the site
Automatical and manual analytics
Combining the capabilities of the automated system and the capabilities of the platform community creates the most powerful tool for the selection and evaluation of projects
  • Commenting and rating
  • The ranking reviews of other users
  • Search for inaccuracies/errors
  • Independent project reviews
  • Free addition of facts about projects through the Wiki mechanism
  • Manual adding of missing projects and persons to the platform directory


  • Collecting the most complete list of projects
  • Automatic project evaluation according to built-in algorithms
  • Regular fixation of the project sites status
  • Regular monitoring of accounts in social networks
  • Recording all versions of project documents
  • Collection of data on fundraisings
  • Collection of all possible data about the project participants
  • Data collection from other rating systems for comparison and dependency search
  • Automatic detection of the features of SCAM projects with the help of a community-trained neural network
Algorithms adding
The platform contains the initial set of algorithms by which projects are evaluated. The community will complement the list of algorithms and system functions
Neural network
The basic algorithms of the system and the work of the platform participants will allow to form the most qualitative and objective information about the projects. The platform will learn from the community and form its own neural network
Writing in blockchain
The relevance of the data that the platform collects can be checked, as they are duplicated into the blockchain. Technically, a method of generating file hash sums (checksums) will be used — each time a file is saved, in the system a unique hash sum is generated, which is duplicated into the blockchain along with the date and name of the file. Information substitution in the system is impossible because a unique hash sum is automatically changed when the file is changed. The platform stores all files in a distributed storage, with their duplication to the servers of the portal. Hashing will be used as a convenient and simple mechanism to confirm the authenticity of data in the system.
Token Details + Token Distribution
Total token amount:
200 000 000
Early sale
Bonus: 50%, 45%, 40%, 30%, 20%
Extra 5% bonus for individual purchases greater than $20,000
September 20 — November 7, 2018
Token Sale
Bonus: 20% for early contributors only.
November 08 — November 29, 2018
Adjustable emission
All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе burned and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
Blockchain for tokens EOS
Cost of 1 token NICA 0,0001 BTC
Token ticker NICA
Token Distribution
Intended Use
of Proceeds
The collection of ties between people and projects

The platform will collect and process all possible public information on people who have been or are participating in ICO projects: names, photos, links to social networks.

The received data will be connected and displayed on the platform — the community will see the most objective and detailed card file of participants.

The collected data will be used in the formation of the rating of specific projects.

Found in a variety of projects — it has a low engagement index
12% — 1 of 84
The participation of such a person in the project suggests that the project added it to the site only to inspire confidence. Such an Advisor or a team member is likely not involved in the project — a fictitious person.
Everything okay!
The system sees that this young man is involved in only one project
100% — 1 of 1
If a team member or adviser is seen in only one project, it is more likely that he is directly involved in it and is engaged in its development.
Simple and clear interface
All main data
  • Currency
  • Country
  • Status
  • Presence of whitepaper
  • Presence of MVP
  • Presentation presence
  • Information about ...
Maximum number of parts and details
  • Currency
  • Country
  • Status
  • Presence of whitepaper
  • Presence of MVP
  • Presentation presence
  • Information about ...
MVP Status: ready
Token Sale Timeline
September 20, 2018 (00:00:00 UTC+0) — February 06, 2019
Early Sale
10000+ tokens
50% bonus
2000+ tokens
45% bonus
1000+ tokens
40% bonus
200+ tokens
35% bonus
100+ tokens
30% bonus
November 08 — November 28
Sale stage 1
+100+ tokens bought
20% bonus
November 29 — December 18
Sale stage 2
100+ tokens bought
15% bonus
December 19 — January 02
Sale stage 3
100+ tokens bought
10% bonus
January 03 — January 16
Sale stage 4
100+ tokens bought
2% bonus
January 17 — February 06
Sale stage 5
0% bonus
February 07 — February 20
Token allocation and burning of unused tokens
February 21 — April 28
Listing on token exchanges
People who are working to finalize the MVP project and are engaged in its promotion
Evgeny Sokolov
CEO, founder
More than 10 years of experience in marketing, expert in IT and cryptocurrency
Evgeny Stashkovyan
Fullstack developer
Backend developing, blockchain and application architecture
Nina Sagalakova
Frontend developer
Desktop and mobile interface developement, animation
Egor Bychkov
Head designer
More than 12 years of experience in graphic design, architecture and arts, interface design
Project support, communication with community
Yuri Bordulans
Strategy manager
10 years of experience in e-Commerce, expert in fin-tech — responsible for market analysis, strategy
All the hard work that requires attention and a huge amount of effort
Experts give advice and guide the project
Heiko Peterson
Web portal development
Angel investor, business developer, co-owner of IT outsource company focused on backend & frontend web development
Julius Nalivaiko
Digital marketing expert
Expert in SEO / SEM, traffic analysis.
Dmitry Bordulans
Business Developement
15 years of experience in financial solutions, expert in the banking sector — responsible for product development.
Alexander Blinov
Marketing expert
Recommendations for promotion, formation of marketing strategy
Mikhail Pchelintsev
Neural network expert
Senior consultant at Ernst & Young, applying neural networks for rating projects
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September 2018
  • Collection of everyday snapshots of projects’ sites
October 2018
  • Automatic collector of all data from 4 of most popular ICO rates
  • Fixation of hash-sums of all saving documents and sites snapshots to the blockchain
  • Open commenting of the projects
November 2018
  • Creation of opensource order book for ICO projects with integration to ICONICA platform for more convenient use of the system"
December 2018
  • API for projects’ statistics collection
  • Collection of social network projects statistics
  • Data aggregation of more than 200 ICO projects fundraising
  • Implementation of token-economy into the platform
January 2019
  • Telegram bot for using the platform through telegram
  • Collection of information on people involved in all projects
February 2019
  • Adding the automatic collectors of all data from 10 more popular ICO listings
  • Wiki in ICO field
  • Open voting for the function of the platform improvement
  • Available registration data analysis
  • Market condition statistics collection
  • Calculators and widgets
  • Platform interface modification
April 2019
  • Implementation of a neuronet to the platform to form projects selection algorithms
  • Integration of stock data on all existing digital currencies
  • Hackathons running on the platform
June 2019
  • Mobile application on Android and iOS
  • Forming the first crowd mass media in crypto currency field
  • Start educating neural networks
  • Data collection from users of the network to the formation of the first algorithm
August 2019
  • Implementation of the first algorithm of automatic project evaluation
  • The introduction of the neural network in test operation